Lindsay Spencer

Lindsay Spencer, Controller

Lindsay Spencer serves as the Controller for Prism Fitness. She is in charge of accounting, and budgeting, among other responsibilities.
Her love for numbers started at a young age. It continued through high school where her interest in accounting grew. This led Lindsay to Edgewood College where she graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Accountancy.
Prior to completion of her degree, Lindsay worked with a small non-profit organization in Madison. Here, she did all the daily accounting activities. Lindsay also created more of a financial structure for the organization to follow. This allowed the non-profit to continue to grow.
Lindsay grew up in a small town outside of Green Bay, WI where she was active in many sports throughout her life. In high school, Lindsay participated in basketball, volleyball and softball. Lindsay’s true passion was softball. She continued to play at Edgewood College.
Lindsay currently resides in Dodgeville, WI with her family. She enjoys still playing on softball and volleyball leagues. Along with trips to the Zoo, bike rides, and walks with her husband and children.
Lindsay, What’s Your Favorite Prism Product?

My favorite Prism product is the Smart In-Home Gym. I use each individual product included every morning for a 20-30 minute workout at my house. As someone who enjoys working out in the comfort of my own house, this package has what I need to get a consistent and different workouts every morning.  I love that the rack is small enough to fit in your average bedroom, for example, so the rest of the product is not laying around throughout the house or stacked in the corner of another room.   The other thing that I love is that by having this in my house, it gets the attention of my children who also want to use the product.  It creates great conversation around creating healthy lifestyles, exercise and how to do the exercises properly with them enjoying the workouts with me.