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  • FTC Shelf Kits

    FTC Shelf Kits


    Upgrade your FTC (Functional Training Center) experience with a Shelf Kit, a game-changing addition that provides the extra storage you need to optimize your training space. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing FTC package(Free Standing, Floor Mount, Wall Mounted), this kit unlocks a world of possibilities by adding a fourth shelf for convenient storage…

  • Wall Ball Target

    FTC Wall Ball Target


    Introducing the FTC Wall Ball Target, the perfect accessory to elevate your Functional Training Center. Designed to enhance your workout experience, this target provides an overhead training option that effectively challenges your strength, coordination, and accuracy. One of the key benefits is its compatibility with any of our Functional Training Centers, including the Free Standing,…

  • Smart Elite Self-Guided Commercial Package- front

    Smart Elite Self-Guided Commercial Package


    The Smart Elite Self-Guided Commercial Package is the most comprehensive storage solution in our line-up. It is designed to offer multiple functional training tools, efficiently organized, easily accessible and totally mobile. It fits neatly anywhere in the room and can be transported to other rooms or moved for group exercise activities. WHY THIS PRODUCT? ‚ÄúSMART…