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  • Smart Stability Balls

    Smart Stability Balls


    User Height : Suggested Ball Size
    5’4” and under : 55cm (Yellow)
    5’5” – 6’0” : 65cm (Green)
    6’1” and over : 75cm (Blue)

  • Smart Medicine Balls

    Smart Medicine Balls


    Smart Medicine Balls are a staple in many functional fitness routines. The weighted center forces you to use different muscle groups to keep the body stable when you throw, bounce or twist with the ball. This really maximizes your workout! They can be used for a variety of exercises including crunches, squats, and pushups. They…

  • Smart Core Ab Wheel

    Smart Core Ab Wheel With Mat


    The Smart Core Ab Wheel delivers the best core workout for the entire core (not just abs!) with one tool. Strap your feet or grip the handles for a great core-focused workout. The Smart Core Ab Wheel is designed to help users improve their core strength and stability. The unique design of the wheel allows…

  • Smart Hurdles

    Made in the USA!

    Smart Hurdles


    Size #1 (Set of 6) height 6″
    Size #2 (Set of 6) height 12″
    Size #3 (Set of 3) height 12″-18″
    Size #4 (Set of 3) height 21″-36″
    Size #5 (Set of 3) height 27″-42″

    Smart Hurdles #5, #4, #3, #2 Out of Stock

    Sorry the Smart Hurdles #5, #4, #3 and #2 are out of stock. Leave us your email, and we’ll notify you when they are back in stock!

  • Smart Straps Training System

    Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer


    Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer is a great tool for people who want to tone their body. It is a low-impact exercise tool that can be done at home. Our signature Self-Guided program will keep you from wondering what to do with those dangling straps! The 12 Self-Guided exercises featured on the Smart Straps Body…

  • Smart Modular Agility Ladder-rungs

    Smart Modular Agility Ladder


    Snap ladders together for the desired length AND connect rungs together to create the desired width!
    15-ft (2 segments, 7.5′ each)

  • Smart Stick

    Made in the USA!

    Smart Stick

    • Single, unweighted
    • Single, 5lb weighted
    • Set of 10, unweighted
    • Set of 10, 5lb weighted

    Smart Stick Out of Stock

    Sorry, Smart Sticks are out of stock. Leave us your email, and we’ll notify you when they are back in stock!

  • Smart Yoga Mats - Available in Green and Yellow

    Smart Yoga Mat


    The Smart Yoga Mat is 6mm thick and available in Green and Yellow.  It is a great way to get in a quick workout, whether at home or on the go. There are times when you don’t want to commit to a class, or when you’re short on time. That’s where the Smart Yoga Mat…

  • Smart Plyo Cube 3 in 1

    Smart Soft Plyo Cube, 3-in-1


    The Smart Soft Plyo Cube, 3-in-1 features three height options at 20″, 24″ and 30″ heights (all in one!). It is a valuable training tool for multiple users to create training programs based on abilities as well as room for growth. The plyo box fills the need for explosive movement utilized in many sports in…

  • Smart Sleeved Tubing - Red

    Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing

    X-Light Light Blue 5lb $13.99
    Light Green 10lb $14.99
    Medium Red 15lb $15.99
    Heavy Blue 20lb $16.99
    Very Heavy Black 25lb $17.99
    Ultra Heavy Gray 35lb $19.99


  • Sale! Fitness Cables

    Fitness Cables


    The interchangeable Fitness Cables, along with the Smart Quick Flip Handles, allow users to create their own resistance systems to strengthen and tone from head to toe. Use different cables for different exercises and ranges of motion. Move up to the next resistance level as your strength increases! The cables are multi-layered so they feel…

  • Smart Quick Flip Handles

    Smart Quick Flip Handles


    Patent-pending handle design makes cable changes faster and easier. The “click” tells you the cable is locked and secure.

  • Smart Ankle Cuff

    Smart Ankle Cuff for Fitness Cables


    Sold Individually.

  • Smart Strength Bands

    Smart Strength Bands

     XX-Light Red 5-35lb $15.99
    X-Light Black 10-50lb $22.99
    Light Purple 25-80lb $29.99
    Medium Green 50-120lb $35.99
    Heavy Blue 60-150lb $45.99
    X-Heavy Orange 70-175lb $63.99
    XX-Heavy Gray 80-200lb $74.99


  • Lateral Resistor

    Lateral Resistor


    The Lateral Resistor provides resistance to agility, lateral movement, first step and sprinting exercises.  Many individuals and more specifically athletes often ignore conditioning and strengthening the muscles important in everyday movement. Developing these muscles can help minimize injury while helping you get ready for all levels of physical activity. The product is suitable for the…

  • Smart Jump Rope

    Smart Jump Rope, Speed and Weighted


    Choose between speed and weighted, or get them both!