Greetings from IHRSA 2017 (International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association)…the Los Angeles trade show and convention! It’s been great to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with members of the international fitness community including health club owners, retail owners, physical therapists, and many more… all who are dedicated to making fitness accessible and fun for people of all abilities.

Modular-Agility-Ladder-rungsPeople here are really excited about the new line of SMART® products hitting the market in 2017. These include:

  • SMART® Modular Agility Ladder – With an easy interlocking system to make the ladder any width or length
  • SMART® Core Wheel – Includes a SMART® mat
  • SMART® Straps – Can be left unconnected at the top for greater instability (requiring more core engagement) or fastened for greater stability

Like all the SMART® products, exercises are printed directly onto the surface so users are never left wondering, “what should I do with this?”

Storage racks are also capturing a lot of attention. Storage solutions are something everyone here needs! Depending on the floor space available, some are drawn to the wall mounted systems, while others are excited about the freestanding vertical racks of various sizes.

Two other head turning products at our booth are the Kiio Wall Gym and the Terra-Core by Vicore Fitness. The Kiio Gym is an adjustable, user-friendly, wall-mounted resistance system. People here love that it takes up no floor space. It has an easy to use exercise guide, plus offers incredible versatility for use in gym settings or physical therapy.

Few passersby can resist hopping onto the Terra-Core. It offers an unstable soft surface to recruit multiple muscle groups. Stand on it while performing dumbbell exercises. Lay on it like a bench. Or, flip it over and use the backside! Stand on the hard surface (with the soft surface on the floor) or grab onto the handles and perform a burpee, pushup, and clean & press routine! The possibilities are literally endless!

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