Vacations can be a much-needed break from work. However, they don’t need to derail your workout!

Resistance bands are lightweight and portable and can easily fit in your suitcase or carry-on bag.

Customize your bands by first selecting the resistance level of your fitness cables. They come in 10 different levels so you can have optimal resistance for various muscle groups. Choose from four different handle styles. The cables snap into the handles and are easily interchangeable.

Use your resistance bands for strength training. Make your workout both effective and time saving by working multiple muscle groups at once.

  • Work the glutes, hamstrings, and quads by performing squats and lunges
    • Add shoulder work with overhead presses and forward raises
    • Strengthen the back by incorporating rows and pull-aparts
    • Tone arms with tricep kickbacks and bicep curls
  • Work the legs, core and shoulders with woodchoppers
  • Work the outer thighs and hips with lateral walks in each direction
  • Include a cool down that includes stretches all the major muscle groups

Combine sightseeing with your cardio workout by walking, running, or biking to new destinations. (Use the buddy system to stay safe!) Make it an interval workout by pushing the heart rate higher for a set period of time or distance, then reducing the intensity for a set time or distance.

Use your break from work to enjoy your workout even more. Not only will you keep your fitness level on track, you’ll have more energy to enjoy the rest of your trip!

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