You’ve worked out hard. You’ve taken yourself to a whole new level. A day or two later, you feel it; delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). What should you do? Ice? Massage? Stretch? Light workout?
Foam Roller Muscle Soreness
A Dutch study reviewed findings from 35 previous studies on the most effective way to sooth sore muscles. Researchers found massage to be the quickest method to reducing signs and symptoms of exercise‐induced muscle damage.

Lactic acid buildup is often mistakenly blamed for causing DOMS. However, The American College of Sports Medicine says DOMS is actually a side effect of the muscle repair process.

Activities causing DOMS apply force during the eccentric, or lengthening phase of exercise. An example is the lowering phase of a bicep curl. Besides pain, DOMS can have symptoms including swelling, stiffness, reduced range of motion, and reduced strength. The level of soreness is often related to the level of intensity of the exercise.

The TP Starter Set is a simple and portable way to ease muscle soreness. The set includes the TP Footballer, Baller Block, and Massage Ball. All three products help apply direct pressure to sore muscles. Their various sizes and shapes provide numerous opportunities for muscle relief all over the body.

The GRID Foam Roller is another portable tool designed to help relieve muscles. Its unique textured surface mimics the feeling of being massaged by fingers and hands. In addition, the GRID Foam Roller can be utilized as exercise equipment for core work.

Soothe your sore muscles and get back into the game!

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