This weekend is the annual Madison, Wisconsin Half-Marathon… the precursor to the well-known, full marathon in the fall.

Marathon Running

We know from the SAID (specific adaptions to imposed demand) Principle runners have to run to prepare their bodies for races. However, logging all those miles can lead to overuse injuries.

Lisa Smith Robertson is a fourteen-time marathon and soon-to-be 3-time Ironman competitor… as well as a Fitness Director and Group Fitness Instructor. She trains to maximize longevity in the sport while minimizing injuries.

Robertson says during her peak marathon-only training, “50 miles a week was the magic number where I would be fit but not broken,” adding “every one is a bit different.”

Robertson has learned to listen to her body. While many runners follow the “10 percent rule,” increasing distance by a maximum of 10 percent per week, Robertson says her training changes as she ages. “Now that 50 is only a couple of years away, I train in a three week cycle. I have two build weeks of volume and then a cut in volume week so that my body can absorb the training.”

medicineball_actionRobertson also gives her body a full day of rest during training. “The body cannot perform 100% all the time… it will at that point break down, get injured, or get sick.”

During Ironman training, Robertson incorporates simple strength training with resistance tubes and medicine balls. In the marathon off-season, Robertson focuses her strength training on areas of weakness to create balance in the body.

Listen to your body and enjoy running for a lifetime!

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