I once overheard a man say “tubing is for girls” as he refused to use it. What he doesn’t know is resistance tubing is an inexpensive effective tool for men and women to build whole body strength through functional exercises.

The proof was in the pudding last month in New Orleans, LA. Nearly 2,500 fitness instructors, enthusiasts, and trainers gathered for a massive LES MILLS® Quarterly event.

CXWORX™ is the New Zealand company’s newest program utilizing resistance tubing. This 30-minute core class uses integrated exercises to work muscles from shoulders to knees. Bryce Hastings is a sports physiotherapist and Head of Research at Les Mills International. He says there are several things to keep in mind about tubing.

  • The point of maximum resistance is different for tubing than for free weights.
  • Tubing provides resistance to movements in directions other than straight down compared to body weight or free weight exercises.
  • There is no momentum when you use tubing, so it is often safer to use during quick and large range exercises such as woodchops.
  • There are some common rules that make using tubing safe and effective.
    • Keep load on the tube at all times.
    • Adjust the resistance by changing where you hold the tubing.
    • Anchor the tubing firmly to its fixation point.
    • Start with lighter resistance for new exercises. Increase resistance once you have perfect technique.
    • Keep the wrist in a strong functional position – a firm grip around the handle with the wrist slightly extended.

“Tubing is a great tool for working explosively and increasing functional strength,” Hasting says. “What guy wouldn’t want to get some of that?”

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