Adventure Awaits!

Vacation is usually associated with getting in a little more down time in an otherwise hectic schedule, but it doesn’t have to mean you have to get away from your active lifestyle altogether. In fact, as adventure tourism continues to grow, the trend is to mix rest and relaxation with something a little more active.

Research your destination

Exploring the outdoors in your travel destination is a great way to learn more about the area and create your own adventure. It could even be a chance to explore a new interest or hobby and could end up taking you to places or experiencing things you never thought possible. Pinpoint a few activities you’d like to try and do your research before you arrive. Map out a general itinerary around the dates of your stay and make sure the activities you’d like to try fit in that schedule. For example, check on park and trail closings, or hours of operations if you plan to rent gear or work with a local outfitter. Remember, always keep the limitations of you and your travel companions in mind. If a hike requires more mountaineering than your group can handle, skip it and choose your adventure accordingly.

Choose an Activity

Hike – Are you headed toward the mountains? A hike with an elevation climb can offer an amazing workout and some sweet views along the way. Cresting the summit is a huge payoff and can be a nice highlight to your adventure. Be sure to pack lots of water and take the park signage seriously (stay on the trail, watch for wildlife).

Bike – Research the trails in your destination and then make sure you can rent appropriate bikes for your chosen trail if you don’t plan to bring your own. Having the right kind of bike suited for the trail is key to making sure your adventure will go as expected. Of course, if you are looking for a leisure ride, many communities (especially near the beach) will rent beach cruisers. It can be an excellent way to be active while taking in the scenery.

City Destinations – Many urban areas are easily walkable and provide so much to see and do up and down the blocks. Look at architecture, roam around museums or even window shop. It can be a great way to get to know the town you are visiting a little better.

Yoga or Travel Tabata – Bringing your workout to the beach or mountains can be an exhilarating change of pace. Preplan a few moves before you get there so you can dive right in.

Pack light, but don’t forget the essentials

You can easily throw an agility ladder, and bands in your travel bag and come up with workouts for days! If you’re planning on mixing it up quite a bit, check out our new product The Smart Trainer Bag. Inside you’ll find everything you need for a comprehensive workout on-the-go. And, if you’re traveling, the size meets most airline standards for a carryon. WIN!

Our SMART Trainer bag features Self-Guided products with exercise ideas printed directly on the products in case you need a little inspiration for creating a workout routine on the fly.


•    (1) 6lb Smart Medicine Ball

•    (1) 6mm Smart Exercise Mat

•    (1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing 4ft. Light

•    (1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing 4ft. Medium

•    (1) Heavy Mini Flat Band (Blue)

•    (1) Medium Mini Flat Band (Green)

•    (1) Light Mini Flat Band (Yellow)

•    (1) Smart Speed Jump Ropes

•    (1) Smart Straps Bodyweight Trainer

•    (1) Smart Core Wheel

•    (1) Smart Modular Agility Ladder

•    (1) Duffle Bag with Smart Trainer Logo

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