As 2013 winds down, what will 2014 hold for fitness?

Trend watchers are closely monitoring the fitness monitor industry. Gone are the days of logging workouts into a spiral notebook. The digital age offers everything from apps for data tracking to watches to clothing. ABI Research projected the fitness monitor industry would see growth from fewer than 10-million devices in 2009 to 220 million devices by 2015.

Data monitoring devices that clip to clothing, strap around your chest, or are worn like a bracelet are already on the market. They can track your daily steps, heart rate, caloric output, and even sleep.

The future of fitness monitoring includes clothing made with textiles containing sensors woven into the fibers. Sensoria Fitness Socks are already on the market. When paired with a special anklet and mobile app, the socks track cadence, foot landing technique, weight distribution, plus more usual data like steps taken, distance, speed and calories burned. Reebok and technology company MC10 recently introduced a skullcap with sensors that can measure head impact from sports… helping athletes and coaches monitor possible concussions.

New monitor-filled workout shirts will soon be hitting the market. Athos is taking pre-orders for its specialized clothing that measures muscle effort, balance, breath, heart rate, and more. Meanwhile, OMsignal, is prepping for pre-orders for its shirt with embedded sensors designed to track heart rate, breathing, and physical activity. reports monitors are not for the body alone. They’re also for the mind. “Mychiatry” devices focus on the mental well being of users… everything from headphones that can choose music according to your mood to headbands that measure your level of focus.

Monitor yourself today to help make better health and fitness choices in the new year!

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