The top golfers in the world compete this weekend in the first major tournament of the year… The Masters. The Masters champion will walk away with the respected title and coveted green jacket. To master your golf game this season, focus on building core strength in the abdominals, back and hips.

During a swing, power is transferred from the lower body to the upper body; the stronger the core, the more power you can transfer into the shot. Work the core in all three planes of Core Strengthmovement for optimum results and muscle balance. Crunches strengthen the rectus abdominis in the sagittal plane. Twisting exercises like bicycle crunches and seated medicine ball trunk rotations build the oblique muscles in the transverse plane. Side hovers also work the obliques but in the frontal plane. Maximize your strength training by using the Vicore Core Bench; their unstable surfaces force the body to recruit core muscles for stability during exercise.

Planks are another effective way to build core strength. Be sure to keep abs lifted and braced. Perform on the toes. If you feel it in your lower back, drop knees to the floor.

This season, increase your core strength AND master your golf game… no green jackets required!

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