The use of a foam roller has become a popular tool in helping fitness fanatics release muscle knots & trigger points. Perfect for sore muscles

SMART Recovery Foam Roller Basics

Using a foam roller has become popular for helping fitness fanatics release muscle knots and trigger points. Technically known as self-myofascial release. The goal is to target the areas affected by muscle imbalance, overuse, and injuries.

If you’re getting started with a fitness program again, you might quickly identify muscles that haven’t been used in a while and need some extra attention when they become sore.

The general idea behind foam rolling exercises is that by applying direct loads to your muscles, you lengthen and massage the underlying tissues. Once you identify a muscle group or area of tension to target, go very slowly and hold each position for 30 seconds or more. Use short, slow rolls to start, and follow up with longer, slower rolls over the whole length of the target muscle.

Foam rollers are often used to reduce tension and increase muscle length for either a pre-workout warm-up or post-exercise active recovery. In general, the foam roller provides the most significant result when placing a muscle directly on top of the foam roller and moving back and forth to apply pressure to the underlying tissues.

Foam Roller Benefits

  • Increase blood flow and elevate heat in the involved tissue.
  • Reduce tightness and soreness in muscles promoting proper muscle recovery
  • Increase joint range of motion (ROM), which is vital before a challenging workout.
  • Promote a feeling of relaxation after a workout.

5 Common Foam Roller Basic Exercises 

  • Iliotibial (IT) Band Exercise
  • Adductor Exercise
  • Gluteus Maximus (Glutes) Exercise
  • Upper Back Exercise
  • Latissimi Dorsi (Lats) Exercise

Self-Guided SMART Recovery Foam Roller Basics

When you’re sore and want relief, the last thing you want to do is try to figure out how to use a foam roller. With our self-guided SMART Recovery Foam Roller, the exercises are printed right on the product, so you’ll never have to spend time worrying about finding a move that works for you.

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