When you go on vacation, do you find it hard to keep on-track with your regularly scheduled workouts?

Unless you are familiar with your travel destination, you may not know which area trails are best to run on or where to find classes/gym.

At Prism Fitness Group, we’ve designed a go-to solution for you. Our Fitness On-The-Go travel bag securely tucks a variety of our products in a perfect travel size bag. All of our SMART products have a built in workout that you can do in your hotel room, in the fitness room, or if you’re lucky, by the outdoor pool, beach, or park.

Throw the bag in the back of your car for a daytrip, overnight, or long weekend. Or, this bag can easily be your carry-on bag if you are flying (be sure to check your weight restrictions). You could also stash the individual pieces into your luggage.

With the exercises printed right on the products, there’s no need to pre-plan your workouts. Simply follow along for full body, functional workout!

Fitness On The GO travel bag includes:

Complete mini fitness kit now in a bag for easy travel. Feature Self-Guided products with exercise ideas printed directly on products.

(1) Smart Foam Roller
(1) 6mm Exercise Mat
(1) 6lb Medicine Ball
(1) 65cm Stability Ball
(1) 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb and 50lb Resistance Cables
(1 pair) Quick Flip Handle
(1) Carrying Bag

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