Giving your Valentine something special, today? Some people buy presents that last just one day. Instead, give a gift to improve health AND your relationship… exercise!

Couples exercising together can experience many benefits:

  • Shared goals
  • Shared experiences
  • More energy
  • Reduced Stress

In addition, you’re less likely to give up. Indiana University Professor Jack Raglin (PhD) found 94% of couples stuck to their exercise routines when working out together.

Use the Smart Pak for a couple’s boot camp. Boot camps are a circuit-style workout that can build cardio, strength, and camaraderie. Include cardio and strength exercises, alternating between upper and lower body muscle groups. Encourage one another to complete each challenge, beat personal bests, and to work harder.


Couple’s Cardio

  • Agility Ladder Drills:
    • Leader chooses foot pattern
    • Partner follows
    • Switch leaders
    • Repeat
  • Jump Rope/Burpees:
  • Partner Shuffle with Medicine Ball Chest Pass
    • Face each other
    • Perform lateral shuffles (mirroring one another)
    • Chest pass medicine ball while shuffling
    • Reverse lateral shuffle

Couple’s Strength Training

  • Medicine Ball Ab Twist Variation
    • Partners sit back-to-back, knees bent, feet hip width on floor
    • Sit tall, brace abs
    • Twist to pass ball to partner
    • Partner receives ball
    • Continue the circle, passing back to partner
  • Overhead Sit Up Medicine Ball Pass (for people with healthy backs)
    • Partners lay supine (back to floor) with knees bent and toes touching – forming one straight line
    • One partner holds medicine ball overhead with straight arms, ball touching floor
    • Both partners roll up to sitting position
    • Partner 1 passes medicine ball to partner 2
    • Both partners roll down
    • Repeat

Resistance tubing can also be used to strengthen the major muscle groups and are great for partner work. Click here to see numerous partner exercises from the American Council on Exercise.

Give the gift of health and fitness this Valentine’s Day!

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