Dave Whitman

Dave Whitman, Outside Dealer Sales Manager

Dave Whitman has joined Prism Fitness in the role of dealer sales manager. He brings over 34 years of industry experience in sales on the manufacturing side from both strength and cardiovascular companies.

Dave has worked with Marcy Fitness, Muscle Dynamics, Tectrix, Cybex, Quinton and True Fitness. He will be working to help the dealers grow their business in both the commercial as well as retail markets.

Dave graduated from Kutztown University with a BS degree in Elementary Education. He spent his early years teaching as well as coaching both high school football and wrestling. He later moved on to coaching soccer, basketball, and travel softball once his two daughters became interested in sports.

Dave and his wife Lynn enjoy hiking, water sports and the outdoors now that the girls have graduated college and their athletic careers have come to an end.

Dave, What’s Your Favorite Prism Product?

The SMART Resistance Training Bundle. The versatility of the handles to change resistance and work the major as well as smaller muscle groups while on the go is fantastic.  Throw it on my back while out for a walk or run, take a break to do some strength work, keeps me going when I can’t be in the gym.