VTX Vinyl Dumbbells


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Product Description

Dumbbells are a functional fitness staple! Unlike barbells, dumbbells allow your body to work in all three planes of motion while building strength. These premium dumbbells are made from cast iron, providing a solid structure, and then coated with a thick vinyl shell to make them easy to grip. In addition to providing comfort to the user, the vinyl coating helps prevent damage to floor surfaces.

Bright colors make it easy to distinguish between various weights, while the hexagonal shape prevents rolling.

Sold individually.

2lbs, Purple, $4.25
3lbs, Green, $6.25
4lbs, Light Blue, $8.50
5lbs, Dark Blue, $10.50
6lbs, Red, $12.50
7lbs, Dark Purple, $14.50
8lbs, Black, $17.00
9lbs, Yellow, $19.50
10lbs, Orange, $21.00
12lbs, Violet, $25.00
15lbs, Dark Green, $31.00


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