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It’s a Step, it’s a balance trainer, it’s a multifaceted Group-X machine. It’s the soul mate of resistance bands, it’s over 250 exercises (and counting). It is the shape of things to come. Getting in shape is just as much about staying engaged and excited as anything else. The Terra Core is virtual aerobic playground, building strength, balance, agility, like nothing you have ever used. It is designed to fit the body’s natural shape and provides you enough real estate to accommodate any modality you can dream of.

Length: 46″ Height: 17″ Width: 10″ Weight: 26 lbs
Weight capacity of 500lbs.

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Terra Core, Rack

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  1. Terra Core Press Release

    Press Release

    The Los Angeles Lakers have incorporated the Terra-Core into their daily strength and conditioning training. New head trainer Gunnar Peterson knows the importance of stability training and trusts the Terra-Core to get the top athletes in the world ready for gameday.

    The idea of balance training reaches the next level when you bring in the Terra-Core, according to Gunnar. The majority of athletes don’t focus enough on stabilizers muscles and core. This is where stability training can make the difference between injury and success, the difference between getting blocked and making the game-winner.

    Head Strength and Conditioning coach Gunnar Peterson uses the Terra-Core to focus on:

    • Footwork drills, with a focus on ball-to-body movement
    • Passing and catching while maintaining balanced core
    • Advanced stability training, footwork combined with ball movement drills
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