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The Vicore Core Bench, with its unstable surface, offers benefits that traditional benches cannot. By requiring your core to transfer energy throughout the body, the bench develops and improves balance, coordination and better posture, all in addition to sculpting the target muscle groups.

Using the Vicore Core Bench drastically increases eccentric or negative force, causing muscle failure to occur much faster than with traditional benches. For example: a set of standard chess presses will not only build your pecs, but also fully engage groups of otherwise passive muscles.

Made of commercial grade steel and construction; it also features easy-to-transport wheels and rubber foot pads that are safe for all floors. It includes hooks that can be used for resistance bands, offering more exercise variations!

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Length: 58″ Height: 17″ Width: 34″ Weight: 65lbs
The body-link surface is tested up to 4,500lbs.


3 reviews for Core Bench

  1. 5 out of 5


    I like the Vicore bench because it adds instability to any exercise traditionally done on a bench. It is higher then a Bosu, and does not roll away like a stability ball. This allows you to jump/step on it, as well as lie on it with out having any ground contact. I like that it is not bolted down and can be wheeled around to different cable machines. Men who are self conscious about trying new things feel more comfortable on the Vicore then a stability ball. I can perform a lot of pilates reformer routines on it with only using tubing. Everyone tells me what a great ab workout they got, even when abs are no the focus. — Justin, Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym in San Francisco

  2. 5 out of 5


    Vicore has succeeded in creating an extremely effective product for not only core conditioning but overall fitness and rehabilitation.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Traditional Benches have hard padding that can be uncomfortable and limit the range of motion of the shoulder joints. Vicore’s approach incorporates air bladders instead of padding as the surface of the bench. They are much more comfortable than traditional benches. Additionally this equipment can create points of interaction between members and fitness staff who can provide an overview on the different exercise options allowed by the air surfaces.

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